Home Loan

29 June 2022

What Are Home Construction Loans And Why You Should Get It?

Mr Jain has been planning to build a house for a long time. However, he realises that he has already […]
27 June 2022

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Property Tax Simplified: Pay NMMC Tax Online 

27 June 2022

What Is Mortgage Refinancing: Meaning, Types And Benefits

Let’s say you have opted for a mortgage loan of Rs. 40 lakh around 5 years ago. Now let’s consider, […]
24 June 2022

Benefits Of Home Loan For Women And How To Apply Online

Buying a home is a life decision for everyone. While men have been doing it for ages, a woman buying […]
22 June 2022

Loan Moratorium In Banking: Explained

After the Indian Government implemented lockdown measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous businesses stopped, and many people lost their […]
21 June 2022

DDA Housing Scheme: Eligibility, Documentation And Registration Process

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) started its housing activities in 1967 to develop the capital city of Delhi in a […]
21 June 2022

MHADA Lottery Scheme 2022: Eligibility, Documents And Online Registration Process

MHADA or Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority is a housing scheme that allows the residents of Maharashtra to get […]
21 June 2022

9 Different Home Loan Types And Options Available In India: Eligibility And Interest Rates

Home loans could help you get the dream house you desire. It is the most sought after option and its […]
15 June 2022

NBFC Home Loans In India: Top Home Loan NBFCs And Steps To Apply For NBFC Home Loan

With more NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Companies launching loan apps, it has become easier for potential homebuyers to apply for […]
15 June 2022

What Is Home Loan Stamp Duty And Why Is It Important For Property Buyers

If you are planning to purchase a property, the price quoted by the seller is not the total amount you […]
15 June 2022

What Is Home Loan Balance Transfer And Why You Should Consider It

A home loan balance transfer facility lets you switch your existing home loan to a new lender with favourable terms […]
14 June 2022

What Is Home Loan Sanction Letter, Its Format And How To Get It

After applying for a home loan, lenders carry out a thorough process of verifying your creditworthiness. They check your documents, […]
13 June 2022

PMAY Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) Benefits And Calculation Of Interest Subsidy

Before 2015, middle-income Indian families had to face immense financial strain when availing of a home loan. However, after the […]
13 June 2022

How PMAY Subsidy Calculator Works, How To Use It And How To Check Subsidy Status

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a central government initiative aiming to boost home buying in India. Launched on […]
10 June 2022

Loan Against Property Eligibility Calculator: 5 Ways To Increase Mortgage Loan Eligibility

A loan against property (LAP) is a secured loan that you can get by keeping your residential or commercial property […]
8 June 2022

Top 9 Banks And NBFCs for Home Loans in India: Interest Rates, Eligibility And Documents Required

If you are planning to buy a home, you must start comparing the interest rates and loan repayment tenure of […]
8 June 2022

Top Up Home Loan: Features, Benefits And Interest Rates

If you have an existing home loan and are in urgent need of extra cash, you could apply for top-up […]
8 June 2022

How To Use A Home Loan Prepayment Calculator?

If you have taken a home loan and want to foreclose it, you could make part-prepayments or full prepayments against […]
8 June 2022

How To Compare Home Loans With A Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Let’s assume that you have applied for a home loan of Rs. 90 lakh for a tenure of 15 years. […]
7 June 2022

Home Loans: List Of Documents Required

Home loans are secured loans. Meaning, that the purchased property stays as collateral with the lender until the loan is […]
7 June 2022

Home Loan Eligibility For The Salaried: How Much Home Loan Can I Get On My Salary

If you are wondering ‘how much home loan can I get on my salary’, you must evaluate the home loan […]
7 June 2022

Considering To Apply For A Home Loan in India? Know These Important Factors First

A home loan is a secured loan that gives you access to funds to buy or construct your dream home. […]
6 June 2022

Minimum CIBIL Score For Home Loan In 2022

CIBIL score is one of the first criteria lenders check to process home loan application. CIBIL score or credit score […]
6 June 2022

Section 24 of Income Tax Act – Tax Benefit on Home Loans

To encourage its citizens to own a home, the Government of India has introduced a host of home loan tax […]
3 June 2022

How To Apply For EC in Andhra Pradesh Online: Check These Easy Steps

An EC (Encumbrance Certificate) s a crucial document that proves the ownership of a property. It is required during buying […]
2 June 2022

Home Loan Interest Rates: Current Housing Loan Interest Rates In 2022

For many Indians, owning a new home is a life-long dream, a sign of achieving financial security and also the […]
1 June 2022

Loan Against Property: Interest Rates, Eligibility Criteria And Documents Required

Shweta is facing a serious financial emergency for which she requires a considerable amount of funds. All she has is […]
31 May 2022

Home Loans Tax Benefits: Exemptions Under Section 80C, 24(b), 80EE, & 80EEA

One of the primary benefits of home loans is that you get to enjoy substantial tax rebates, which significantly reduce […]
31 May 2022

Home Loan Prepayment: How To Prepay Your Home Loan

A solution to reduce your debt burden is prepaying your home loan. Home loan prepayment is where you repay your […]
30 May 2022

Reverse Mortgage Loan: Features, Eligibility And Other Factors

As the name suggests, a reverse mortgage loan differs from a traditional mortgage because roles are switched between borrower and […]
27 May 2022

Home Loan Process: A Step-by-Step Guide To Housing Loan Procedure

A home loan is a credit facility that you could avail of to buy or construct a house. Getting a […]
26 May 2022

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): Benefits, Features And More

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a government-backed scheme launched to provide ‘affordable housing to all.’ It offers subsidies on […]
24 May 2022

Home Loan In Davanagere: Features, Benefits And Eligibility

Davanagere’s economy has shown a prominent growth. Now is the time to consider investing in real estate and secure your […]
24 May 2022

How To Apply For Home Loans In Gulbarga?

Gulbarga, also known as Kalaburagi, attracts numerous tourists every year and the population has seen a rise of 4.5% rise. […]
24 May 2022

How To Apply For Home Loans In Hubli

Recently, Hubli or Hubballi, the second-largest city in Karnataka by size and population has seen a surge in demand for […]
24 May 2022

How To Apply For A Home Loan In Bangalore

Getting a home loan in Bangalore wouldn’t be too difficult if you have the repaying capacity and a good credit […]
18 May 2022

Patta Chitta: How To Check Tamil Nadu Land Record Online

Patta and Chitta are land certificates in Tamil Nadu containing plot details, such as their ownership, land area, location, etc. […]
16 May 2022

Types Of Mortgage Loans: Interest Rates, Eligibility, Documents And How to Apply

A mortgage loan is a secured loan that you can get from a lender by offering an immovable property as […]
16 May 2022

MeeBhoomi Andhra Pradesh: Everything You Need To Know

The state government of Andhra Pradesh collaborated with the Department of Revenue and launched a digital portal called MeeBhoomi in […]
13 May 2022

Best Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) In India [2022]

Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) are a part of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that offer home loans. You can use the […]
11 May 2022

All You Need To Know About Bhoomi: Karnataka Land Records

Bhoomi Karnataka is an online Land Records and Management System introduced by Karnataka Government in 2000. It helps to maintain […]
11 May 2022

A Quick Guide To Stamp Duty And Property Registration Charges In Haryana

To make any transaction on immovable property legal, it is essential to get that property registered. You can do so […]
11 May 2022

RERA Haryana: How to Register Online, Check Complaint Status, Latest Developments And Fees

RERA Haryana is a regulatory body that oversees and promotes the real estate sector in this state. Similar to any […]
11 May 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Stamp Duty And Property Registration Charges in Hyderabad

Regardless of the economic turmoil,  the housing price in Hyderabad has jumped by 7% in the last quarter of 2021, […]
10 May 2022

Guideline Value in Chennai: Its Importance, How To Check Online And Shelter Charges

Land guideline value is a government-determined price at which a property is registered. As such, a property cannot be sold […]
10 May 2022

Circle Rate in Delhi And How To Calculate It

The Circle rate in Delhi, set by the government, is the minimum price below which you cannot sell a property. […]
10 May 2022

What Is A Declaration Deed: Purpose, Importance, Format And What To Do If It’s Lost

A declaration deed is a legal document which provides detailed information about a property. For example, it includes details like […]
10 May 2022

Telangana Land Records: How To Check On Dharani Portal, Apply For An Encumbrance Certificate And Check Status

The Telangana State Government has extended the procedure to collect information about plots within the state online. Lan owners in […]
9 May 2022

Everything You Need To Know About IGRS Telangana And Its Services

Currently, Indian states are coming forward to offer various government services online to make them easily accessible for citizens. With […]
9 May 2022

Ready Reckoner Rate in Pune: How To Calculate It, Pune Stamp Duty And Registration Charges

The ready reckoner rate in Pune denotes the minimum value of residential, commercial or agricultural plot or land, which is […]
9 May 2022

Land Market Value in AP: Its Impact, Role of IGRS And How To Check Land Market Value in AP Online

With the real-estate sector flourishing, market value in AP has peaked. A 35% increase in revenue from stamps and registrations […]
9 May 2022

What Is A Sale Deed: Benefits, Format, How to Register Online And Documents Needed

A sale deed is a contract that validates the transfer and sale of immovable property from seller to buyer(s). Properties […]
9 May 2022

How To Apply For Government Quarters In Mumbai Through E-Awas (Now E-Sampada) Mumbai?

The Central Government has introduced an e-governance initiative – E-Sampada to simplify the residential accommodation for its employees in Mumbai. […]
9 May 2022

What is GPRA: How to Apply on e-Sampada Portal Online And Eligibility

For all Central Government employees, the Central Government allots housing accommodation at affordable rates to eligible individuals through GPRA (General […]
9 May 2022

What Is Land Survey Number And Why Is It Useful?

Land survey numbers are unique IDs allocated to specific pieces of lands by each state’s ‘Department of Survey’. Each state […]
9 May 2022

What Is A Relinquishment Deed: Format, How To Register And Revoke It

A property may have more than one heir. In case one of the property owners want to give up their […]
8 May 2022

What Is Khasra Number And Why Is It Important For Land Records?

The khasra number provides comprehensive details regarding the region and the area around a property. It is an essential Persian […]
6 May 2022

Conveyance Deed: Importance, How To Get It, Documents Needed And Cancellation Process

A conveyance deed is the legal proof of transfer of ownership with regard to a particular property (moveable or immovable). […]
6 May 2022

Subvention Scheme: What Is It, How It Works, Importance, Benefits And Drawbacks

Ever seen hoardings or advertisements for different real estate projects with taglines, ‘buy now pay later’ or ‘pay just 10% […]
6 May 2022

Non-Occupancy Charges: Meaning, Charge Rate, Calculation And When Is It Not Applicable

It is quite common among property owners to purchase a house and rent it out to receive additional income. However, […]
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