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Apply for a Home Loan in Mysore with Navi to enjoy attractive interest rates and flexible EMI options

Housing Loan in Mysore

Mysore, the City of Palaces, is a major attraction for people looking to settle in a less populated city with a better standard of living at a lower cost. If you want to buy a home in this serene city, get a home loan with Navi in a 100% paperless manner. Navi offers home loans in Mysore at attractive interest rates and flexible EMI options. Applying with Navi is easy and less time-consuming. Just download the Navi app and apply for a home loan. The entire process is online and only takes a few minutes. Mysore or Mysuru is a tourism and Information Technology hub. It has also become a key industrial centre in Karnataka. The Bidar-Mysore Industrial Corridor has been built to encourage further industrialisation and investments. Mysore is the home of reputed Private, Public and International schools and Universities and colleges offering MBBS, Engineering, Law, Commerce and Arts courses. Major companies across sectors such as IT, manufacturing, etc., are in Mysore.
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Home Loan in Mysore Details

We are all aware of the challenges in finding a dream home. Most of the time, saving up enough money to purchase a home is difficult. Buying a dream home in a city like Mysore is a challenging task as it is one of the major cities in Karnataka. Apartments and landed houses are equally expensive in Mysore as in metro cities like Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

This is where home loans come into the picture. Financial institutions help you by funding almost 75% to 80% of the price of your dream house. These loans carry relatively low interest rates. You just need to pay back the money with interest to your creditor on time each month.

If you are looking for home loan providers in Mysore, apply at Navi. We offer housing loans of up to ₹5 crore to eligible individuals at the lowest interest rates starting from 8.45% p.a. Below are the details of Navi Home Loans:

If owning a beautiful home in Mysore is your dream Navi is here to support you. With flexible EMI options and a loan tenure of 30 years, you can repay the loan at your convenience. Navi offers the one of best home loan interest rates in Mysore. Here are the details of Navi Home Loan:

Loan AmountUp to ₹5 Crore
Loan TenureUp to 30 Years
Interest Rate8.45% p.a.
Processing FeeNil

Home Loan in Mysore - Features and Benefits

Navi is one of the top home loan providers in Mysore offering the best home loan interest rates in Mysore. Here are its features and benefits:
Get your home loan of up to ₹5 Crore within minutes. Just download the Navi App and apply
Navi offers home loans in a completely paperless manner
Navi does not charge any processing fee. Just apply for a home loan on the Navi App

Navi offers home loans at attractive interest rates starting from 8.45% p.a.

Enjoy flexible EMI options and a loan tenure of up to 30 years
Navi does not make buying home loan insurance mandatory

Home Loan in Mysore - Features and Benefits

HL City Features&Benefits

Home Loan Interest Rate in Mysore With Other Charges

HL City InterestRate&Charges

Home Loan Interest Rate in Mysore with Other Charges

Navi offers the best home loan in Mysore. With no hidden charges and additional fees, Navi is easily the most desirable home loan finance company in Mysore for aspiring homebuyers.

Apply for a housing loan with Navi at a competitive interest rate that starts at 8.45% p.a.

Get the exact home loan amount that you need. Navi does not charge processing fees
Pre-closed your home loan. Navi does not charge foreclosure fees

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Using the Navi app makes applying for a home loan in Mysore simple. However, sorting your EMIs can help you manage your finances better. it is advisable to use the Navi Home Loan EMI Calculator to easily calculate your EMI obligations. Using the online EMI calculator is easy. Just enter the loan amount, interest rate and the tenure. The online EMI calculator will display the result within seconds.

Mortgage payment beforehand. This will help you avoid missing EMI payments and prevent a fall in your credit score.

You can also use the following formula to manually calculate home loan EMIs:

EMI = P x R x (1+R)N / [(1+R)N-1]

Where P = Principal loan amount, N = loan’s tenure in months and R = monthly interest rate
The rate of interest on your home loan is calculated monthly.

For example, if you have taken a home loan of ₹50 lakh at an interest rate of 7.39% and a loan tenure of 10 years, your monthly EMI would be:

EMI = ₹50,00,000 x 7.39 x (1+7.39)^120/[(1+7.39)^120-1] = Approximately ₹59,064

Loan Amount

Rate of Interest (P.a)


Loan Tenure (Years)


Monthly EMI


Total Interest

Total Amount

Home Loan Amortization

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How to Apply for Home Loan in Mysore

How To Apply

How to Apply for a Home Loan in Mysore

Apply for a home loan in Mysore easily through the Navi app. Follow these steps:
To install the Navi app, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and type Navi in the search section
After downloading the app, enter your name, birth date, and email
Enter your employment information, including your salary, employer’s name, PAN number, etc.
Select the city where you are currently living
To complete this process, submit your PAN card, Aadhaar card, and bank statements or GST returns
Navi will provide you with a letter of provisional loan approval in a few minutes

Housing Loan Eligibility in Mysore

Indian residents can apply for a home loan in Mysore with Navi

Individuals between 25 and 62 years of age can apply for a home loan

Salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for a home loan with Navi

Housing Loan Eligibility in Mysore

HL City EligibiltyCriterion

Documents Required for Home Loan in Mysore

HL City DocumentsRequired (1)

Documents Required for a Home Loan in Mysore

Navi offers near-instant home loans with minimal documentation. To complete the KYC, just provide:

Trusted by Millions of Users

1 M+
App Downloads
1 L+
Loan Sanctioned
1 Cr+
Loan amount disbursed
1 L+
Active Loans

Apna Ghar Zaroor Hoga

Enjoy attractive interest rates starting at 8.45% p.a. with flexible EMI options.

What our customers say about us

I had experience with two home loans in the past and I have wasted a lot of time into providing unnecessary documents. With Navi, I was surprised how convenient it was. I would highly recommend Navi to anyone looking for a home loan.
Navi made the process of securing a home loan very easy. everything was available at fingertips. Legal verification and valuation of the property went smoothly. Digital process really made the mortgage process simple.
Highly recommend this for home loan. Good interest rates, transparent process and fees. Whole process is streamlined and most of it is done online. Had a great experience!

Frequently asked questions

Home purchase loans are the most common type of home loan used for purchasing a property, flat, or apartment that is either under construction or has completed its construction. Furthermore, the individual must purchase the property directly from the builder or a real estate company to avail of this type of housing loan.
Pre-approved properties are those properties/projects where a lender has already done the due diligence for approving a home loan. In this case, the financial institution has a tie-up with the builder, projects and developers, making loan approval much easier. The builder can directly refer buyers to the financial institution to help them get financing for their purchase.
Pre-closure or foreclosure is a process where a borrower repays his/her loan completely before the loan repayment tenure ends. You may make one large payment to pay your home loan and may or may not have to pay a penalty fee, which depends on the amount of the loan repaid.

The five Cs in lending that you will come across during borrowing money are as follows:

  • Credit score- This 3-digit score determines your creditworthiness. Or, your ability to repay the loan on time. 
  • Capacity- Only apply for a loan amount that you can repay. 
  • Collateral- The assets pledged to get the loan sanctioned. 
  • Capital- Having sufficient funds in your hand to pay for your down payment is a positive indicator for lending institutions. They will consider that you are serious about getting the loan. 

Conditions- Read through all the terms and conditions the lender puts forward.

The CIBIL score is an essential parameter for lenders to understand the creditworthiness of the borrower. The borrower’s CIBIL report is checked by banks and financial institutions when they receive a loan request. The CIBIL score serves as the lender’s first impression; the higher the score, the more likely the loan will be considered and accepted. The bank will not consider the application further if the borrower has a poor CIBIL score. On the other hand, the lender will review the application and consider other factors if the CIBIL score is high.


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