₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI & Interest Rate

Enjoy attractive interest rates starting at 8.45% p.a. with flexible EMI options

₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI

Planning to purchase your dream house in your favourite neighbourhood? A home loan is a convenient solution and could take you closer to your dream. But, applying for and getting a home loan is only the beginning. You need to start planning for your EMIs (full form: equated monthly instalments) well in advance – be it for a ₹50 Lakh, ₹1 Crore, or ₹4 Crore home loan.

In fact, knowing in advance what your ₹4 crore home loan EMI would be, could save you unnecessary stress later on, since you would be able to plan your finances accordingly. In this blog, we will tell you how you could use a ₹4 Crore home loan EMI calculator to make your life easier.

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₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI Details

Typically, you will have to repay your home loan in equated monthly instalments or EMIs. The EMI would primarily depend on three factors – the amount you borrowed, the tenure you chose, and the interest rate at which you received the loan. Here, the important factors that will affect your EMI are the principal loan amount, loan tenure, and rate of interest. Based on this, let’s understand with an example how a ₹4 Crore home loan EMI could look like.

Let’s assume that you have got a ₹4 crore home loan at an interest of 8.45% p.a.
Based on the tenure you choose, your EMI would vary as shown below:

Loan Amount (₹)Interest Rate (p.a.)TenureEMI
₹ 4,00,00,0008.45%10 Years₹ 4,94,874
₹ 4,00,00,0008.45%15 Years₹ 3,92,724
₹ 4,00,00,0008.45%20 Years₹ 3,45,865
₹ 4,00,00,0008.45%25 Years₹ 3,20,744
₹ 4,00,00,0008.45%30 Years₹ 3,06,149
Note: that this table is for illustrative purposes only

₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI Calculator

You could calculate the EMI for your ₹4 crore home loan manually or with the help of a simple online calculator. While manual calculations generally tend to be more time-consuming and could leave room for errors, even a basic EMI calculator could get the job done in a fraction of time and without any errors. So, using a home loan EMI calculator makes more sense. All you have to do is enter a few basic details, such as loan amount, rate of interest, and loan tenure.

Loan Amount

Rate of Interest (P.a)


Loan Tenure (Years)


Monthly EMI


Total Interest

Total Amount

20 lakh Homeloan Interest and Other Charges

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₹4 Crore Home Loan Interest Rate & Other Charges

Navi offers home loans of up to ₹5 Crore with flexible repayment options. The following are the interest rate, tenure, and charges associated with Navi Home Loans:
Our home loans start from interest rates as low as 8.45% p.a.
You could choose flexible repayment tenures of up to 30 years.
You have to pay no foreclosure charges on Navi Home Loans, which means you can repay your loan and close your account whenever you want.
Navi also charges no processing fees on its home loans.

How to Apply for ₹4 Crore Home Loan?

You could apply for a Navi Home Loan in just a few steps:
Find and download the Navi App on your phone from Play Store or App Store.
Fill in some personal and employment information in the highlighted spaces.
Complete your video KYC by entering your PAN and Aadhaar card details. You will also have to upload your bank statements.
Get your provisional loan sanction letter within a few minutes after verification.

How to Apply For 20 lakh Homeloan?

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₹20 Lakh Home Loan Eligibility & Documents Required

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₹4 Crore Home Loan Eligibility & Documents Required

₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI for 20 Years

Do you want to know what the EMI for a ₹4 crore home loan would be for a 20-year tenure? You could either use the Navi Home Loan EMI calculator or compute it manually. If you choose the second option, here’s how you could calculate your monthly instalments:

EMI = {P x R x (1+R)^N}  / {(1 + R)^N – 1}

where P is the principal loan amount, R stands for the monthly rate of interest and N is the number of monthly instalments you have to pay. If your loan tenure is 20 years, then the number of EMIs you have to pay will be 240.

Let’s understand it with an example.

P= ₹4,00,00,000

R=8.45/12/100=0.007 (assuming the interest rate is 8.45% p.a.)

N=240 months

EMI = ₹{4,00,00,000 x 0.007 x (1+0.007)^240}  / {(1 + 0.007)^240 – 1} = ₹3,45,865

As the manual calculation is quite complicated, you could use the Navi Home Loan calculator to get the same result in a matter of seconds.

Loan Amount₹ 4,00,00,000
Rate of Interest8.45% p.a.
EMI₹ 3,45,865
Total Interest₹ 4,30,07,481
Total Repayment₹ 8,30,07,481

₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI for 25 Years

Let’s see how much your EMI would be if you choose a loan tenure of 25 years, keeping all other parameters unchanged from before.

EMI = {P x R x (1+R)^N}  / {(1 + R)^N – 1}

Here, P = ₹4,00,00,000


N= 25*12= 300 months

EMI for ₹4 crore home loan = ₹{4,00,00,000 x 0.007 x (1+0.007)^300}  / {(1 + 0.007)^300 – 1} = ₹3,20,744

Manual calculation using this formula is quite complex and time-consuming. For instant results, you can use our home loan EMI calculator.

Loan Amount₹ 4,00,00,000
Rate of Interest8.45% p.a.
EMI₹ 3,20,744
Total Interest₹ 5,62,23,250
Total Repayment₹ 9,62,23,250

₹4 Crore Home Loan EMI for 30 Years

Want to know how much your EMI would be if you were to choose your loan tenure as 30 years, provided all other parameters remain unchanged? Here’s how you could calculate it:

EMI = {P x R x (1+R)^N} / {(1 + R)^N – 1}

Here, P = ₹4,00,00,000

R=8.45/12/100= 0.007

N= 30*12=360 months

EMI= ₹{4,00,00,000×0.007x(1+0.007)^360}/{(1+0.007)^360-1}= ₹3,06,149

While manual calculation is time-consuming and complex, you can get the result in seconds with the Navi Home Loan EMI Calculator.

Loan Amount₹ 4,00,00,000
Rate of Interest8.45% p.a.
EMI₹ 3,06,149
Total Interest₹ 7,02,13,676
Total Repayment₹ 11,02,13,676

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your home loan EMI is determined by 3 factors. These are:

  • Loan amount
  • Tenure
  • Interest rate

To get a home loan with a low credit score, you could try approaching NBFCs, who usually have a lower eligibility criteria, try to apply with a co-borrower, who has a good credit score, and slowly try and improve your credit score. To improve your credit score, you could try the following:

  • Pay off dues on time
  • Raise a credit report dispute request
  • Consolidate your outstanding debts
  • Don’t apply for fresh loans and try to lower your debt-to-income ratio
When you opt for a home loan, usually you will have to repay it in equated monthly instalments or EMIs. You could use the Navi Home Loan EMI calculator to know what your EMI would be, based on the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate.
Home loans are secured loans meaning you will have to pledge an asset, which the bank can liquidate and repay the loan, if you default. So, if you default repeatedly, the lender has the right to seize the asset and sell or auction it off. Non-payment or late payment of home loan EMIs will also affect your credit score badly and diminish your chances of getting a loan or a line of credit in the future.
Yes, you can. However, your co-applicant must be a close relative, such as your parents, siblings, spouse, son, or an unmarried daughter. To improve your chances of loan approval, ensure that your co-applicant too has a good credit history and/or a steady source of income (where applicable).

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Navi made the process of securing a home loan very easy. everything was available at fingertips. Legal verification and valuation of the property went smoothly. Digital process really made the mortgage process simple.
Highly recommend this for home loan. Good interest rates, transparent process and fees. Whole process is streamlined and most of it is done online. Had a great experience!


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