Considerable amounts of money, like 2 lakhs or more, are hard to come by. Unless you have been saving for a long period of time, you might not have 2 lakhs accumulated with you. In this case, if there is a financial need that you need to provide for, you can get access to funds through a personal loan. 

A personal loan is a quick loan which offers funds for your personal financial needs. You can avail Rs 200000 loans or even higher through personal loans offered by lenders. Navi offers Rs 200000 loans within minutes. You can download the Navi app and apply for 2 lakh instant loan when you need money if you are eligible for the same.

How to get Rs 200000 loan through Navi?

You can get 2 lakh instant loan from Navi using the following steps –

  1. Download the Navi app on your Smartphone and simply register with your mobile number
  2. Click on ‘Apply’ on the home screen to start the loan application process
  3. In the next few screens, you would have to provide your information to complete the application. This information includes the following –
    • Full name
    • Age
    • Marital status
    • PIN code
    • Employment details
    • Monthly income level
    • PAN card number
  4. Once the complete details are provided, submit your application
  5. The application would be reviewed by Navi digitally and a loan amount would be approved. You can get approved for up to Rs.5 lakh loan too
  6. Then you need to click your selfie using the app itself and enter your Aadhaar card number to complete your KYC
  7. After you submit the application form online, it will undergo a digital process for eligibility check according to the algorithm of the Navi App within a few minutes.
  8. After the loan is approved by the Navi’s technology-driven app, you will be shown a loan offer that you can customise according to your requirement such as the loan amount, EMI amount as well as a loan (period of the loan).
  9. Then your KYC process would require a selfie upload and then submission and verification of your Aadhaar Number.

After the KYC is completed, you need to link your bank account details on the App and your loan amount would get instantly credited to your bank account.

Features and benefits of a 200000 loan through Navi:

Availing a Rs 200000 loan from Navi has its advantages. These advantages include the following –

  • Quick loan disbursal

You can get a 2 lakh instant loan within a matter of 20 minutes. The loan application process is online and once you download the application, you can complete the process quickly and get funds at the earliest.

  • Wide range of loan amount

Navi offers loans starting from Rs.10, 000 to Rs.5 lakhs. So, even if you need an amount more or less than 2 lakhs, you can choose Navi for your needs

  • Wide range of repayment tenor

There is a range of repayment tenures offered. You can choose a suitable tenure based on your affordability of paying off the easily

  • Minimal documentations

You just need your PAN card and Aadhaar card to get a loan from Navi. For your photograph, click your selfie. The loan application process is, therefore, simple and quick

  • Ease of finding an affordable EMI

You can use Navi’s EMI calculator to find out the 2 lakh personal loan EMI. You can also change the loan amount and/or the repayment period to change the EMI. The calculator calculates the EMIs instantly and helps you find the most suitable amount

Eligibility for availing a 200000 loan

There are some eligibility parameters that you need to fulfil so that you avail a personal loan. With Navi, however, there is no specific eligibility criterion. Your eligibility is determined based on your details by Navi’s technology-driven model. You can, thus, download the Navi app and check your loan eligibility.

Here are some important eligibility requirements to get a loan that other lenders might specify–

Age of the applicant

There is a minimum and maximum age criterion. The minimum age ranges anywhere between 18 and 25 years depending on the lender while the maximum age is usually 65 years

Occupation details

Self-employed individuals, self-employed professionals and salaried employees can avail the loan

Monthly income amount

There is a minimum monthly income that you should earn to qualify for the loan. This amount is decided by the lender

Credit score

Your credit score should at least be 650 to be eligible for the loan

Documents required for availing a Rs 200000 loan

Documents are needed by lenders before they sanction the loan amount. However, if you apply for a loan through Navi, you would not have to submit any documents. Navi sanctions your loans based on your Aadhaar card number, PAN card number and your selfie only.

However, in case of other lenders, to avail a 2 lakh instant loan the following documents would be needed –

  • Recent coloured photographs of the applicant
  • A valid identity proof
  • A valid age proof
  • A valid address proof
  • A valid proof of occupation and income
  • Bank statements of the applicant of the last 3-6 months

Do not delay your financial needs anymore. Avail a personal loan from Navi and get sufficient funds to pay for them or to meet any unforeseen emergencies.

Download the App now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I need 2 lakh rupees urgently. How long does it take for the loan to get sanctioned?

The time taken to sanction the loan varies across lenders and it can range from a few minutes to days. If you choose Navi, however, the loan would be sanctioned within 20 minutes.

How will the EMI be affected if I change the loan amount and also the repayment tenure?

The EMI is calculated based on the loan amount, repayment tenure and interest rate. If any input is changed, the EMI would be changed. If you increase the loan amount, the EMI would also increase and vice-versa. On the other hand, if the repayment tenure is increased the EMI amount would decrease and vice-versa.

Do I need to visit Navi’s office to complete the loan documentation?

There is no requirement of any documents to be submitted to get a loan through Navi. Hence, there is no requirement to visit Navi’s office. All you need to do is enter your PAN Card and Aadhaar card number on the app along with a selfie to complete the KYC process for applying for a personal loan.

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