Marriages are a grand affair, especially in India where there are countless traditions and celebrations surrounding marriage. Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale wedding and to make this dream come true, funds are needed. While you might plan for your wedding and set aside a corpus for that special day, there might be times when you find yourself short on funds, especially when you want to go that extra mile in making the wedding grand. In these times, when you do not have sufficient funds to plan a perfect event, a marriage loan can come to your rescue. Let’s understand what the loan is all about.

What is a marriage loan?

A marriage loan is a personal loan for marriage that you can avail to fund the different expenses associated with the event. Personal loans for weddings are unsecured loans that do not require you to pledge any collateral security to avail of the loan. The personal loan for a wedding is granted simply based on your income level and financial standing.

You can avail a loan from the Navi app which can double up as a marriage loan. Navi gives you easy loan options with tenor and EMI of your choice. Download the Navi app and apply for the loan instantly and get the credit within 10-20 directly in your bank account.

Benefits and features of personal loan for marriage from Navi

Here are some of the benefits and features of the personal loan for wedding offered by Navi –

  • The loan is offered through a mobile application  – ‘Navi’. You can download the app from Google Play Store and apply for the loan for marriage through your Smartphone.
  • You can get loans up to Rs.5 lakhs through the app which gives you sufficient funds to plan a perfect wedding
  • You get an option to choose the repayment tenure which gives you an affordable EMI to pay the loan off as per your convenience.
  • The entire loan application process is paperless. You just have to apply through the app, upload your documents or enter your identification numbers, click a selfie and the application is complete. 
  • The loan is approved and sanctioned within 10 minutes by Navi allowing you instant access to funds to meet the varied expenses of your wedding. Therefore Navi offers the perfect loan for your marriage.
  • You only need your Aadhaar card and PAN card to apply for a personal loan for marriage through Navi. This makes the loan application hassle-free with minimal documentation
  • Navi also offers you an EMI calculator in the Navi App which helps you calculate the prospective EMIs of the marriage loan so that you can fix an affordable installment for paying off the loan

Steps to apply for a personal loan for marriage at Navi

As mentioned earlier, applying for personal loans which also acts as wedding loans is a simple affair at Navi. Here are the steps which you would need to follow to apply for the loan –

  • Download the Navi app from Google Play Store and register on the app with your mobile number
  • Verify your registration through an OTP sent to the mobile number provided
  • Once you are registered, you can apply for the loan by clicking on the ‘Apply’ tab
  • A new screen would open wherein you would have to provide the following details –
    • Your full name as mentioned on your PAN Card
    • Age (completed age)
    • Marital status
    • PIN Code of your area
    • Employment details- salaried, self employed or other
    • Monthly Income level (as on the date of a loan application)
  • You would also have to provide your PAN Card number for Navi to verify your credentials
  • There is also a loan EMI calculator that helps you calculate the EMI payable before you actually apply for the loan. Use the calculator to arrive at the right loan amount and repayment tenure which would give you the ideal EMI amount
  • After the application is done, Navi would check your eligibility details through a technology based model. Then, a loan amount would be approved
  • You can choose the loan amount, up to the approved amount, and the EMI of the loan
  • To complete the KYC process, you should click your Selfie, enter in your Aadhaar card number and provide the full names of your parents
  • Your bank name and IFSC code would also be needed so that the loan is sanctioned directly to your account. You should also do an Auto Debit Mandate in your bank account for payment of the EMIs
  • Once the details are verified by navi, the funds would, then, be credited to your account instantly 

Navi App will not ask you the purpose of applying for the loan. Hence the multi-purpose personal loan can double up as a Marriage Loan for you!

Marriage loan eligibility 

Though wedding loans are easily available, borrowers are required to fulfill the eligibility parameters laid down by lenders before the loan is sanctioned. So, as a borrower, you would also have to meet the lender’s eligibility requirements to apply for a marriage loan for girl.

While the exact eligibility criteria depend on lenders, here are some of the most basic criteria for availing a marriage loan. 

Age at which you can apply for the loan

18 years to 65 years

In some cases, the minimum age can be between 21-25 years depending on the lender

Repayment tenure

12 months  to 60 months

Marriage loan interest rate

Depends on the lender


You should be salaried or self-employed having a source of income

Income level

There is a minimum income criterion which varies across lenders. Usually, the minimum income might start from Rs.15, 000 per month

CIBIL score


If you apply for a personal loan through Navi, however, you would not have to check the eligibility criteria. Navi uses a technology –driven model which checks your eligibility based on your details and sanctions an approved loan limit.

Why do you need a marriage loan?

Wedding loans become necessary many times because of the myriad expenses associated with marriages. These expenses include the following –

  • Cost of booking the venue for hosting the event
  • Cost of  decoration
  • Catering expenses
  • Cost of buying gifts for attending guests
  • Trousseau shopping
  • Expenses of planning a honeymoon, etc.
  • Managing all these expenses from your own pockets might prove challenging and so a marriage loan seems like an ideal solution. The loan supplements your income and helps you plan grand celebrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My daughter is getting married. Can I avail a loan for her wedding?

Yes, wedding loans can be availed for you or your daughter’s wedding. There is no restriction as to the member for whose marriage you can avail the loan. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria of the loan, you can avail a marriage loan for your daughter’s marriage.

Do wedding loans require a third party guarantee?

No, the personal loan for a wedding from Navi does not require any third party guarantee because it is a personal loan which is unsecured in nature.

My wedding has been cancelled but there are a lot of expenses which have to be paid. Can I avail a marriage loan?

Yes, you can avail a marriage loan even if your wedding has been cancelled and you need funds to pay for the expenses incurred. This loan is not necessarily strictly a shadi loan. It could be for miscellaneous expenses as well.

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