After the demonetization, we are coming across the buzzword “Digitalization” much often. The government is taking all the necessary efforts to venture into India’s new journey of becoming a digital economy. Transferring money, making payments, receiving bills, etc., has become easy and convenient because of online applications. One such area which has been increasing its demand is getting instant loans without documents online.

Gone are the days when we had to prepare documents and visit the financial institutions frequently to sanction their loans and get approval. A paperless loan is a transaction where one party gives another party a sum of money with the condition of repayment of principal amount and interest amount online or over the phone. This article talks about how one can get instant loans without documents. Download Navi for instant paperless loans without documents. 

Advantages of Paperless Loans Without Documents

While applying for an instant loan without documents, any instant personal loans without documents, or instant small loan without documents, the paperwork required should be minimum. There are many facilities available online, from where you can avail the benefit of paperless loans. The benefits of paperless loans are as follows:

  • No physical paper or documentation is required.
  • Hassle-free process.
  • Easy and convenient applications.
  • The instant amount can be received in the bank account.
  • Financial and personal information stays safe over the digital platform.
  • Time-saving and resource-saving.

Basic Information Needed for Navi Loan Without Documents

The biggest challenge of managing one thing is “money.” There may be times when any of us urgently need cash or money for several purposes. In such cases, applying for a loan in person would not be feasible. There are many instant loan apps without documents providing credit. For instant loans without any documents or urgent cash loan without documents, the process is enumerated as under:

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria of any digital lending platform.
  • You need to enter the mandatory details like name, address, income statement, salary, PAN number, Aadhar card number, bank account details, etc.
  • Enter the loan amount, the preferred EMI schedule, or the tenure of loan repayment, and other calculations will be displayed when few details are entered.
  • Once all the information is disclosed and entered, the reliability of the details mentioned is checked, and the background verification takes place. 
  • After this process is completed, the loan is then approved.
  • The loan amount is disbursed and received in the bank account within a short time.

Steps at Navi to get loan without documents

For applying for an instant personal loan online without documents, the most commonly used  digital lending platform is the NAVI mobile application. You can download it from here. Here are a few simple steps and processes to be followed where one can easily get an instant loan without documents. 

  1. Navi provides a loan of up to Rs.5 lakhs instantly using the mobile application and a paperless process.
  2. For applying for an online paperless loan with NAVI, one can download the mobile application NAVI from Google Playstore.
  3. Choose the “Paperless loan” category and go ahead.
  4. Enter the loan amount and EMI installments. The EMI tenure, schedule, and interest rates are also displayed after the amount details are entered. 
  5. EMI amount can be decided at your discretion and convenience.
  6. Complete the KYC process using PAN card number and Aadhar card details. 
  7. You need to upload a selfie also and enter the name of your parents as well.
  8. Instant money is credited to the bank account as you will be providing the necessary bank account details in the application.

Conclusion on loan without documents at Navi

Thus, we can conclude that it has become much easier to apply for loans online in today’s era and get them sanctioned easily. Not much of the work and documentation is required, and just with a few simple steps, one may get an instant loan without documents at Navi. However, one needs to be aware of the technology, and nowadays, user-friendly mobile applications help the loan applicant finish the process conveniently. Be mindful of the pros and cons, along with reading the terms and conditions well. Hence, getting a loan is as easy as ordering stuff online and getting it delivered at home. Find out more on and download the Navi Instant app.

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