Meticulously planning loan repayments helps you manage your monthly budget carefully. Today, with tools like EMI calculators available for customers to use, you also have the option of figuring out your repayment tenure to ensure that repaying your loans is not stressful. 

Here are some simple tips that will help you plan your home loan, business loan, or personal loan repayments easily: 

What Is a Loan? 

A loan is a financial instrument that helps you get financial assistance when needed. These loans may be secured or unsecured. There are two types of loans— secured and unsecured. In the case of secured loans, you have to provide assets as collateral. Unsecured loans are provided even without any collateral. No matter what the type of loan is, making sure that credit repayment is timely can help you maintain a good credit score for any future financial assistance. 

What Is Loan Repayment? 

Loan repayment is paying back the principal amount borrowed along with interest charged by the bank. Borrowers have the option of repaying in the form of a monthly instalment over the loan tenure, called EMI or equated monthly instalment. 

The simplest option is to check the EMI payable using an EMI calculator. Alternatively, you can ask your bank or the financial institution that you choose to give you an amortization chart that provides a detailed account of the loan’s entire tenure.  

This information helps you decide if repaying a particular loan is affordable or not. 

How Loan Repayment Works?

If you opt for an EMI or a bullet payment for your credit repayment, the amount is deducted from your bank account automatically each month on a given date. While applying for the loan, you must provide the bank account details that you want the EMI to be deducted from. An Electronic Clearing System or ECS enables loan repayments. 

In the case of prepayments, you can say that the options for repaying are net banking services, cheques, or DDs as per the loan provider’s guidelines. 

Ensure that the necessary EMI amount is available in the bank account before the due date every month. If the ECS bounces, the borrower is liable to pay a late payment fee. This fee is as per the guidelines mentioned in the loan sanction letter. 

When you apply for any loan, you need to consider a few factors that will help you budget repayment carefully: 

  • Your Monthly Income and Expenditure:

    You need to factor in mandatory expenses like rent, food, other EMIs, education fees, etc. This will help you choose a loan with an EMI that fits your budget to make repaying easier. 

  • EMI Payable:

    EMI or equated monthly instalment refers to the monthly credit repayment that you need to make towards the loan. This depends on the principal amount and the interest rate. 

  • Tenure of the Loan:

    Also known as the term of the loan, this is the time that you have for repaying the loan. The higher the tenure, the lower the EMI. However, early repayment loans are a better choice as you can save on making payments towards the interest. 

Why Repaying a Loan on Time Is Important?

  • Avoid late payment charges:

    Overshooting the due date on personal loan repayment attracts late payment charges. 

  • Avoid losing assets:

    When you fail to make payments on secured loans for a long time, the bank can sell your assets to recover the loan. 

  • The bank may file a suit when you fail to make your personal loan repayments as per the conditions provided in the loan sanction letter. 

How Repaying Loans Affects Credit Score?

Repaying loans on time helps you maintain a good credit score. Even if your credit score is low currently, making timely credit repayments will help you improve it. 

Every time you default on repaying the loan, details are sent to the credit bureau. This reduces your credit score, making it harder for you to get approval on any future financial assistance. 

Getting a loan or a credit card is highly recommended if you have the repayment capacity. This helps you open up your credit score. Remember, even a NIL credit score does not allow you to secure any financial aid. As long as you keep repaying the loan as per the guidelines provided, you will be able to maintain a good credit score. 

Different Options to Repay Your Loan  

  • Bullet Repayments:

    With bullet payments, you only have to repay the interest every month and repay the entire principal amount in one go at the end of the tenure. 

  • Partial Prepayment:

    Borrowers also have the option of early loan repayments by paying an amount higher than the EMI. This helps you pay off a larger chunk of the principal. 

  • Foreclosure:

    This is when you pay the entire amount, interest included before the tenure ends. 

Repaying your loan on time requires some planning in advance. If you have multiple loans, it is recommended that you maintain an excel sheet or check your loan account balance sheet regularly to keep track of your credit repayment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Navi offer an EMI calculator?

Yes. You can calculate your EMI accurately using the EMI calculator provided on the Navi app. 

What is the interest rate offered by Navi App?

The interest rate depends on the eligibility criteria fulfilled and varies with each applicant.

What are the loan repayment options available?

The EMI will be automatically debited from the bank account whose details you have to provide before you avail of the loan. 

Can I customise the loan based on the EMI affordable for me?

Yes. You can choose the EMI bracket that is affordable to you. The loan amount will be customised accordingly.

Can I uninstall the app during the tenure of the loan?

No. The app must remain on your phone for the loan tenure. In case you are compelled to remove the app, please write to before doing so.

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