Stretching your salary till the month end, especially when lifestyle expenses have risen with rising inflation, has become very difficult. Before the month comes to an end you might run low on your salary income and if there is a large financial obligation that you need to meet, you might look for an alternative source of funds. This is where a salary advance loan comes to your rescue. The loan gives you the necessary funds so that you can meet your financial needs before your next salary is due. Let’s have a look at the details of the advance salary loan and how you can avail the loan easily.

What is the salary advance?

A salary advance is a type of personal loan that you can avail for meeting the financial shortfall between your salary and your expenses. If your expenses exhaust your salary income and your next salary is not due anytime soon, you can avail an instant salary advance loan for meeting the financial expenses which occur before the next salary is credited.

Navi is a personal loan app which can help you take an advance salary in the form of loan, before your next salary is due. You can download the Navi app and make an application for a personal loan 

How does advance salary loans work?

Advance salary loans give you the funds that you need, subject to limits as specified by the lender. You can, then, use the funds on any financial need that you have.

Why might you need an advance salary loan?

There are various financial needs for which you might need to make an application for an advance salary loan. These needs include the following –

  • Sudden medical emergency

You or your family members might suffer a sudden illness or injury for which you might need funds for treatments. Your salary might not prove sufficient to provide you with the desired funds and so you can avail an instant salary advance.

  • Repairs of your vehicle

You might suffer an accident and damage your car or bike. Repairing the damages incur a considerable amount of money and if you don’t have the required money saved with you, you can avail a salary advance loan.

  • Paying tuition fee

While your child’s tuition fee forms a part of your monthly budget, some months the educational institution might charge an additional fee for extra-curricular activities. The fee might be considerably requiring you to avail a salary advance loan to pay the fee.

  • Sudden gifting needs

If your loved ones are celebrating an important milestone in their life you might need funds to buy them a gift. Moreover, anniversaries and birthdays of your spouse and kids might also result in a surprise party or trip. These gifts, parties and trips incur considerable expenses and you can avail a salary advance to meet such expenses.

  • Other unforeseen expenses

There might be other unforeseen expenses which might arise anytime and if your salary just helps you meet the budgeted expenses, you need additional funds for emergencies. A salary advance loan proves to be helpful in providing funds for emergencies and you can make an application for advance salary loan in such circumstances.

Features and benefits of Personal Loan from Navi 

Navi is one of the best personal loan apps which help you avail a loan instantly, within minutes. Here are the features and benefits of Navi’s personal loan app and the loan it offers –

  1. You can get funds sanctioned within minutes of your app download and the amount so borrowed can become an advance salary for you.
  2. Navi’s personal loan app has simple eligibility parameters to help you avail the loan easily. It is a completely technology driven process.
  3. You can avail funds starting from Rs.10, 000 and going up to Rs.5 lakhs through Navi’s app. 
  4. The repayment period is flexible and you can choose the most suitable EMI to repay your loan in easy instalments 
  5. Navi’s loan app involves a paperless application for the personal loan wherein you can avail the loan simply by entering your Aadhaar number and PAN  and clicking a selfie.
  6. The loan is unsecured in nature and does not require any collateral security or any third party guarantee

Eligibility for availing advance salary loans

With Navi, the approval process is completely technology drive and there is no fixed criteria for approval of the loan. However, generally, to make an application for advance salary loan, lenders usually specify the following eligibility criteria –


The minimum age for loan application ranges from 18 to 25 years while the maximum age is, usually, 65 years


You should have a salaried job or be a self-employed businessman or professional to avail the loan


You should have a steady source of income so that the loan can be easily repaid. There is a minimum income criterion that depends on the lender

Credit score

Your credit score should be upwards of 650 so that the loan can be sanctioned

Documents required for advance salary loans

When making an application for advance salary loan, the following documents are usually needed by lenders

  • Photographs, recent and coloured
  • Identity proof – any one document from PAN Card, Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID Card, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Age proof – any one document from PAN Card, Voter’s ID Card, Aadhaar Card, passport, driving license, etc.
  • Income proof – salary slips or financial statements of your business
  • Address proof – any one document from Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID card, driving license, passport, utility bills, etc.
  • Bank statements of the last 3-6 months

However, in order to expedite the process, you can apply for a personal loan through the Navi Application wherein these documents are not needed. You only need to provide your PAN and Aadhar Card details along with a selfie. It is an easy and seamless process.

Easy steps to apply for personal loans at Navi

As mentioned earlier, Navi offers the easiest way to apply for personal loans which can act as salary advance loans. The steps for application for a personal loan through Navi are as follows –

  • Download the Navi app from Google Play Store and register on the app
  • Click on ‘Apply’ button to apply for the loan
  • Provide your details such as  your full name, age, marital status and PIN code
  • Next, provide your occupational and income details and your PAN card  number
  • Based on these details, Navi would approve a loan amount. You can, then select the loan you need (within the approved amount limit) and the EMI that you want to pay
  • You can also calculate the EMI before completing the application for advance salary loan. Navi has a loan EMI calculator which helps you calculate the potential EMI of your loan
  • Once you have finalised the loan terms, click your Selfie. Then enter in your Aadhaar card number and your parents’ full names
  • Provide your bank’s name and IFSC code. Choose to set up an Auto Debit Mandate on your bank account.
  • Navi would check your application and eligibility details and if everything is found to be in order, the loan would be sanctioned within minutes

So, if you need funds before your salary is due, apply for an advance salary loan and fulfil your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the period allowed to pay off the loan?

The repayment period differs from lender to lender. Usually, a period ranging from 12 months to 60 months is allowed to pay off the loan that you avail. However, Navi offers you a repayment tenure of up to 36 months to pay off the personal loan that you avail.

Is making an application for advance salary loan through advance salary apps safe?

If you choose a reputed personal loan app, such as Navi, you can safely apply for the loan. There would be no threat of online frauds or theft and you can get the loans instantly.

What documents are required by Navi to sanction a personal loan that can be used as a salary advance loan?

Navi requires only your Aadhaar card and PAN Card to sanction the personal loan that you can use as a salary advance loan.

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