You might need funds to upgrade your phone or buy a TV for the East Bengal-Mohun Bagan football match. Funds could also be required to pay off your credit card outstanding or buy your dream bike to travel the length and breadth of the City of Joy. Instant personal loans in Kolkata can be the answer to all your requirements.

 Kolkata, being the cultural capital, is famous for its cultural outlook and Rabindranath Tagore. It is also home to many food and book lovers, art and theatre lovers. Staying in the City of Joy can be expensive at times with the high cost of living in a metropolitan area. You can apply for instant loans at any point in time to meet this requirement.

 If you are a businessman, self-employed, professional or a salaried employee living in Kolkata, you might need funds immediately in your bank account. This requirement could be for any urgent medical or financial condition. Simply download Navi’s Instant Cash Personal Loan App and apply online to fulfill the sudden need.

Steps to apply for personal loans in Kolkata through Navi

You can avail Navi’s instant loan in Kolkata by following these steps –

  1. Download the Navi app on your Smartphone from Google Play Store and simply register with your phone number
  2. Click on the ‘Apply’ tab to apply for the loan
  3. Provide the mandatory details such as your name, marital status and PIN code
  4. Then you need to provide your employment details, whether salaried, business or self-employed
  5. Then you need to enter your Pan Number and submit your loan application
  6. Navi would digitally check your details and approve the instant cash personal loan based on their algorithm
  7. You can then choose the amount of loan you wish to apply for and the repayment tenure and EMI
  8. Once you have selected the loan terms, you need to click a selfie and upload the same
  9. All you need to do after that is enter your Aadhaar Card number and then your bank account details with IFSC code
  10. Then you need to set up an Auto Debit Mandate in your bank account for an automated debit of the EMI when it is due
  11. Once the banking formalities are completed, your final application for the loan would be processed, and you would get the money instantly in your bank account.

Navi’s instant cash personal loan in Kolkata can be sanctioned within a few minutes, sometimes even less.

Features and benefits of Navi’s instant cash personal loans in Kolkata:

The instant personal loan in Kolkata offered by Navi has the following features and benefits –

  • Instant approval:

    True to its name, Navi’s instant cash personal loan can be approved instantly and transferred to your bank account. It can be used for any requirement like medical emergencies or buying a bike or car.

  • High Flexibility:

    With 36 months of the repayment schedule, Navi’s instant cash personal loans are highly flexible, which caters to your changing needs at different points of your life. An amount of Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 lakhs can be availed as an instant cash personal loan from Navi.

  • Multi-use Loan:

    From relocation cost to marriage function, from holidaying to buying the latest iPhone or refrigerator; you can use Navi’s instant cash personal loans for any personal purpose of fulfilling a financial requirement. There is no specific reason that needs to be provided at the time of availing a loan.

  • Completely Paperless:

    There is no requirement of submitting any document if you apply through Navi’s app for an instant cash personal loan. Only your Aadhar and PAN number need to be entered to avail a personal loan in Kolkata without documents.

  • No rigid eligibility criteria:

    There are no stringent eligibility criteria for applying for an instant cash personal loan at Navi. It is a technology-based model and follows a digital procedure for its loan processing with no manual intervention.

  • Zero collateral:

    Personal loans in Kolkata being unsecured in nature. Hence, there is no need for any collateral or mortgage to get the loan.

Eligibility of personal loans in Kolkata

Most personal loan providers in Kolkata, have some eligibility parameters that you need to fulfill to avail an instant cash personal loan. However, when you apply through Navi, there would be no set eligibility criteria. Navi uses a digital model to approve loans and does not stipulate any fixed eligibility requirements. You can simply download the Navi app and check your eligibility instantly.

Other private lenders in Kolkata might have some specific parameters, such as:


There are the minimum and maximum age criteria for availing the loan. The minimum age is 18 years or 21/23/25 years, depending on the lender. The maximum age is, however, limited at 65 years


You need to be either self-employed or a salaried individual with a steady income


Your monthly income is assessed by a private loan provider in Kolkata. Thus, it would help if you had a minimum monthly income, as specified by the lender, to avail the loan.

Credit score

Your credit score should be 650 or above for your Kolkata loan application to be accepted

Documents required for personal loans in Kolkata

Most lenders have a list of documents that need to be submitted when applying for a personal loan. However, with Navi’s app, you do not have to submit any documents. You just need to click your selfie and enter your Aadhaar and PAN Card numbers, and the loan would be sanctioned and transferred to your bank account.

Usually, other lenders have a list of documents that need to be submitted to avail an instant cash loan in Kolkata, such as –

  • Your identity proof like passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, etc.
  • Your age proof like passport, Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Voter’s ID card, birth certificate, etc.
  • Your address proof like passport, Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID card, utility bills, etc.
  • Your income proof like your salary slips, financial statements, Bank statement of the active bank account, etc.
  • Coloured photograph

Apply for personal loans in Kolkata from anywhere in India

With its rich cultural heritage, Kolkata has always had an influx of tourists and visitors from across the country. If you have recently moved to Kolkata or plan to spend or utilise the money there, you can still apply for a loan from anywhere in the country. Since Navi doesn’t require address proof, the instant cash personal loans of Navi are not restricted to any specific city.

You can download the Navi mobile application on your phone and apply for the loan, wherever you are. The loan funds are also sanctioned directly to your bank account. So, even if you are out of the City of Joy, you can still apply for an instant cash personal loan in Kolkata. 

Download the App now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a rented house in Kolkata. Can I get a loan based on my rented address?

Yes, you can avail personal loans in Kolkata even if you live in a rented house. Since Navi does not require you to submit address proof, there is no need to submit the same while applying for an instant cash personal loan from Navi.

Can I use the loan for a financial need outside Kolkata?

Yes, the instant cash personal loan from Navi is a no-question loan, so that you can use for your financial needs in Kolkata or anywhere else.

What documents are needed by Navi for sanctioning the loan?

Navi does not need any document to be submitted for sanctioning your instant cash personal loan in Kolkata. You only need to update your PAN and Aadhar Card number for approving the loan. The procedure is 100% paperless.

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