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Investment Tips

 You Need to Know!

Tip #1 Start Investing Early

Ramesh Damani said, “The earlier you start, the better off you are”.

Starting to invest early helps ride over the ups and downs of the market without making quick decisions out of fear of losing money. 

Tip #2 Believe in the Power of Compounding

Ramesh Damani said, “Suppose you start with Rs.10 lakh and double your money every three years over a 30 year period, Rs.10 lakh becomes Rs.100 crore. So that's a phenomenal amount of money to have.” Even if you start with Rs.1k, the power of compounding will provide fruitful returns in the long run.

Tip #3 Observe the Market

“Test waters is to get your feet wet”, he advises. Why? Because it is easy to get swayed by the idea of getting rich overnight. It is only wise to learn and observe the market first - how it works and what’s the history of a particular stock before investing in it.

Tip #4 Study the Management

Ramesh Damani famously follows the Warren Buffet-style investing strategy He advises studying the management of the companies before investing in the company stocks

Tip #5 Have a Balanced Portfolio

Invest in Large, mid and small-cap companies so that you get the best out of all the market capitalizations. Large-cap companies are less risky, perfect for risk-averse investors. However, having a few mid and small-cap company stocks would help you potentially make greater profits, though highly risky.

Tip #6 Don’t Decide Based on Fear

The market is a volatile place. The stock market will fall and rise.  The trick is to not get caught up in fear and sell stocks hastily. The market rewards them well who wait out the worst phase.

Tip #7 Learn from Mistakes

“There are no losses, only lessons learned”, said Ramesh Damani. When he started out as a stock market investor, he lost $10,000 within 6 months. Instead of feeling discouraged, he learned from his mistakes. Today his net worth is over Rs.500 Crores

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