7 Adani Stocks

That Have Taken


The Market By Storm


#1 Adani Green Energy Ltd.

One of the biggest companies in the field of renewable energy

Market cap: Rs.3,63,314 Cr (as on 16th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.210 Cr

#2 Adani Total Gas Ltd.

India’s largest distributor of piped natural gas for commercial, industrial and domestic consumption

Market cap : Rs.3,96,080 Cr (as on 16th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.138 Cr

#3 Adani Transmission Ltd.

One of the big players in the generation, transmission and distribution of power

Market cap: Rs.4,56,766 Cr (as on 18th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.168.46 Cr

#4 Adani Enterprises Ltd.

It is involved in multiple activities like defense, mining, water management, agricultural products, etc.

Market cap: Rs.4,22,051 Cr (as on 18th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.265.60 Cr

#5 Adani Power Ltd.

India’s largest thermal power producer, Adani Power Ltd., owns power plants in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan

Market cap: Rs.1,49,553 Cr (as on 18th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.4780 Cr

#6 Adani Wilmar Ltd.

The largest exporter of castor oil and oleochemicals, Adani Wilmar Ltd. manufactures rice, wheat flour, sugar, edible oil, etc.

Market cap: Rs.93,830 Cr (as on 18th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.193.59 Cr

#7 Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd.

India’s largest integrated logistics and commercial port operator company with domestic ports in Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha

Market cap: Rs.1,98,183 Cr (as on 18th Sep 2022) Net Profit: Rs.297.56 Cr

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