How RBI Repo Rate Hike by 50bps Could Impact YOU

It’s not all bad But,  it certainly has its downsides

Banks have to pay more interest to borrow money from RBI

Banks will charge higher interest rates on home loans

EMIs could increase for home loan borrowers

For example…

Home loan amount

Rs.50 lakh for 15 years

Interest = 6.5% EMI = ~Rs. 42,900/-

Increased repo rate

New interest = 7% EMI = ~Rs.44,100/- EMI increased = Rs.1200/-

Now, the question is...

How to Reduce  the Impact?

✓Create a budget to accommodate the new EMIs ✓Prepay the loan ✓Switch to fixed-rate home loan ✓Balance transfer your loan to a lender at a lower interest rate

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So, Should You Get a Home Loan Now?

✓Yes, this is probably the right time ✓Before the RBI increases the repo rate again ✓For flexible EMIs and competitive interest rates