Are You Eligible for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)?

A Government initiative that provides medical coverage of up to Rs.5 lakh/year to more than 10 crore Indian families

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Who is PMJAY for?

Urban areas

- Daily wage workers - Street vendors, hawkers,   cobblers - Domestic workers, tailors,   handicraft workers - Drivers, cart and rickshaw   pullers, conductors, head   load workers


Urban areas

- Peons, delivery boys, shop   assistants, waiters - Sweepers and sanitation   workers - Repair workers such as   electricians, mechanics, etc. - Plumbers, construction   workers, welders, security   guards, etc. - Washermen - Beggars, rag pickers

Rural areas

– Individuals belonging to the SC/ST category – Families that live in makeshift homes – Families that do not have any male members between 16-59 years of age


– Individuals belonging to primitive tribal segments – Family with a disabled member and no able-bodied adult members – Families working as manual ragpickers – Families with major income sources from manual labour – Extremely poor families

Rural areas

To check eligibility for PMJAY, follow these steps:

Step 1

Visit the official PMJAY website and log in to the official portal using your mobile number and Captcha.

Enter the OTP generated.

Enter the State and choose ‘Search by HHD number’. Enter your HHD (Household Id) number.

Step 2

Alternatively, you can also click on ‘Search by name’. Enter your name, parents’ name and other details. Click search.

After verifying all details, the card will be issued to you. You can get the card from your nearest CSC (Common Service Centre) or download a digital copy from the official PMJAY website.

Step 3

Document Required

– Proof of Identity – Address proof – Caste certificate – Document affirming the family’s status that is seeking medical coverage – Income certificate

What medical expenses does PMJAY cover?

✔Doctor consultation ✔Hospitalisation ✔Medical tests ✔Eyecare ✔Non-communicable and communicable diseases


✔Post-hospitalisation care and medication for 15 days ✔Paediatric care ✔Geriatric care ✔Mental health care

What PMJAY does  not cover?

X Fertility procedures & OPD X Cosmetic surgery procedures X Drug rehabilitation programme X Individual diagnostics X Organ transplantation

Not eligible for PMJAY?

You can purchase health insurance from a number of Govt. and Pvt. insurers. Navi offers comprehensive health insurance cover up to Rs.1 Cr with premiums starting at Rs. 235/-.