10 Best Colour Combination For Indian Houses For Exterior Painting


Red, White & Biscuit

Go bold with red, but strike a balance with white and eye-soothing biscuit colour. This combination is best for two-storey houses. Paint the windows and doors white or apply a fresh coat of polish.


White & Grey Border

The classic and elegant, white and grey colour combination for the outside of the house is timeless. A coat of dark brown polish on the doors and windows will ‘teak’ the ‘Completed’ box!


These tropical colours are perfect for any Indian house. Paint the windows in coral to add that splash of contrasting colour. White broad border adds to the charm of this colour combination.

Blue, White & Coral


Pick any shade of yellow - from pale to Pondicherry White Town bright - your house will look happy and fresh. Paint the windows white. And if your aesthetic sense allows then slim brown borders will strike a contrast to bring out the yellow even more.

Yellow & White


Taupe, Red & White

While taupe and white is a combination that looks complete in itself, adding a pop of red on the windows adds an ageless vibe that speaks without being loud.


White, Dark Bottle Green & Brick Red

A common colour combination for coastal houses and on the hills, white walls, dark bottle green doors and windows and brick red roof would make your single or multi-storey house look regal.


Cream, Dark Blue & Black

Whether you have a sloping or flat roof house, single or multi-storey, painting your house in cream colour along with dark blue borders will make your house look contemporary and different. If your house has French doors and windows, you can use black paint Or, stick to a coat of polish to prevent the colour combination from looking too dark.


Peach & White

Add a Mexican vibe to your house with this beautiful peach and white colour combination for house. You can paint the doors and windows white or just add a coat of polish.


White & Dark Grey

Elegant and chic, the combination of white and dark grey works best on houses with a sloping roof. Complete your house makeover with a fresh coat of polish on the doors and windows


Greyish Blue, Brown & White

A modern contemporary house colour combination for the outside of the house would be white with greyish-blue accents and brown windows and doors. This combination can work for single and multi-storey houses

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