7 Things To Do To Prevent/Early Detection of Cancer

- Consistent pain in a certain part of the body - Sudden occurrence of painful or - painless lump - Unusual bleeding or discharge from - any part of the body - Sore or ulcer around the mouth - Changed in skin colour - Recurring fever - Extreme tiredness

Symptoms To Look Out For

1. Go for a regular checkup. Discuss the symptoms with your doctor. If you have a history of cancer in your family, let your doctor know 2. Go for the tests recommended by the doctor. Screening tests for cancer could help detect cancer at an early stage

What To Do Next?

Note: All types of cancers do not have a screening test. Best to go for an annual checkup to spot anomalies.

3. Women over 40 must go for mammography and pap smear annually to detect breast and cervical cancer respectively 4. For oral, lips and mouth, a dentist would be able to help with the diagnosis

5. Vaccination could also help prevent cancer HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccine for cervical cancer before the age of 13 or exposure to sexually transmitted HPV virus The Hepatitis virus vaccine could reduce the risk of liver cancer

6. Avoid tobacco. Easier said than done, however, you must consult your doctor to find out a healthier alternative to tobacco. You must also recognise the triggers that cause an urge to use tobacco Talk to your family and friends to help you avoid using tobacco

7. Change your lifestyle - switch to a healthier diet consisting of lots of green vegetables, crucifers and fresh fruits. Avoid processed foods. Exercise regularly - walk, run, do yoga and meditation, take up dancing or any other form of physical activity.

Cancer is a critical illness that could take a toll on your health as well as life savings Avoid both by going for annual checkupsĀ  And with Navi Health Insurance -Get Critical Illness Cover -10,000+ Network Hospitals -Hassle-free Claim Settlement