7 Life-Changing Investment Tips from Zerodha's CEO Nithin Kamath  

#1 Adopt Investment as a Habit

Kamath points out that when started early, investing would become a habit. The ace investor implies investments should be a part of our everyday life.

#2 Invest in Experience, Not Things

Kamath says that investing in experience has a larger impact than investing in materialistic things. He asks the youth to buy shows for live tickets and absorb the experience instead of spending on an expensive phone.

#3 Start with a Safer Investment Channel

Nithin Kamath is old school and that’s great. He believes those starting out on their investment journey should consider investing in FDs as a stepping stone.

#4 Don’t Invest with Someone Else’s Money

Kamath learned it the hard way, borrowing & investing & losing everything in the Y2K crash. For the next few years, he had to work extremely hard to repay his debt. These days he invests in instruments he truly understands and with his own money.

#5 Invest in Your Skills

Kamath believes one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life is to invest in developing the right skills.  He says thatyou must have the skills to understand market dynamics rather than focusing on earning X amount of money via mutual funds or stockss.

#6 If I had Rs 100, I would invest in NASDAQ

“Private markets are more expensive and frothy as compared to public markets,” Kamath says. He also said he would choose global markets over the Indian public ones for the same reason.

#7 Invest in Index Funds

According to Kamath, a small amount invested regularly in index funds could help you accumulate wealth in the long run.

Nithin Kamath Believes in The Power of Index Funds So Should You!!

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