7  Life-Changing Investment Tips from Youtuber Akshat Shrivastava

1.  Stocks Do Not Give a Straight Line Results

Akshat says that once you invest, do not expect returns overnight but by staying mostly invested you can take advantage of asymmetric gains. The entire stock will never go up in a straight line so it's important to be patient and have faith.

2. No One Can Predict Multi-Baggers

Akshat points out that markets are bound to change and even advanced investors can not predict multi-baggers so it is wise not to believe anyone because nobody can predict multi-bagger.

3. Track Prices Constantly

Akshat believes in tracking the price movement to determine whether the stock price is good or bad. It is also important to hold on to the good assets until they start giving returns.

4. Get More Capital to Invest

Akshat mentions that there are zero legendary investors who depend only on the stock market, he advises to keep money aside and not to invest all your money in the stock market.

5. Buy and Monitor

Akshat advises not to forget about the stock you buy and you should continuously track and monitor them.

6. Rotate Your Capital to Better Opportunities

Akshat also mentions that once you’ve become an investor, there will be lots of better opportunities in the market, don’t be discouraged to withdraw from your present investment and invest in another new market, but always do thorough research.

7. Understand in What You are Investing

Akshat stresses the importance of understanding the flow of the market and the products, it's important to know where your money is going, and it is also clever to invest in a market that you have a full understanding of.

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