Meet Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Mentor

R K Damani

Check 7 Investment Lessons by the Billionaire

Observe other Investors

R K Damani observed the tactics of prominent investor Manu Manek and was heavily inspired by value investor Chandrakant Sampat

Knowledge is Power

Trust hard facts while making independent investment decisions. R K Damani is known for his farsightedness and fact-based investment research

Invest for the Long-Term

Give your investments sufficient time to absorb short-term volatility. Prioritise investing for the long term as per your goals, just like R K Damani

Master the Art of Patience

Do not expect quick results. Be patient and hold the stocks until the right opportunity comes

Diversify and Rebalance

R K Damani is also known for his highly diversified portfolio that he regularly rebalances. Lower overall investment risk with optimal diversification and timely rebalancing

Learn from Your Mistakes

Even R K Damani made mistakes initially and incurred losses. But he learnt from them and bounced back with a better reading of market conditions and stock fundamentals.

Better Late than Never

R K Damani started investing in stocks at the age of 32. Of course, investing early has its own perks. But, you can start any time. Just study the market and make an informed decision.

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