Insurance Made for Women -  LIC Aadhaar Shila


1. Maturity Benefits After the completion of the policy tenure, the maturity benefit is offered as the basic sum assured and loyalty additions 2. Benefits in Case of Death In the event of the unfortunate demise of the life assured, death benefit is payable to the nominee of the policy.

3. Tax Benefits The benefits enjoyed under this policy are subject to income tax rebates as per prevailing laws. 4. Loyalty Additions The Corporation tracks the first five years of premium payments and entitles a policyholder to Loyalty Additions

5. Surrender Benefits The policyholder can surrender the policy after the completion of two consecutive policy years 6. Loan Benefits Loan benefit is available after the policy achieves surrender value, and the loan amount that can be availed is up to a maximum of 90% of surrender value in-force policies and 80% of surrender value in paid-up policies.


Age Criteria - 8 years to 55 years Policy Tenure -  10 Years Minimum and 20 Years Maximum Sum Assured - Rs.75,000 Minimum and 3 lakh Maximum

Documents required

– Identity proof - Aadhaar card, voter's card, and passport – Address proof- Aadhaar card, driving license, electricity bill, ration card, voter's card, and/or passport. – Income proof - such as Income tax returns or salary slips. – Health records of the life assured.

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