Mercedes Benz in India has found an unusual competitor in SIPs

Here’s the story

Santosh Iyer, Sales and Marketing Head, Mercedes Benz India, has said, ₹50,000 that a potential customer invests into a SIP, if diverted towards the luxury car market, will see the business explode

The comment has garnered reactions from investors, entrepreneurs and market enthusiasts alike. Here’s what most Indians think

Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak AMC tweeted “At ₹50,000 EMI, it is not possible to buy a luxury car. At ₹50,000 SIP for a reasonable time, it is possible to buy a luxury car,” he tweeted through his Twitter handle

SIP Could Make Expensive Buys Possible, Stay Invested

Nithin Kamath, CEO of Zerodha tweeted - “Isn't slow & steady growth much better (like compounding in investing) than debt-fuelled explosive growth where people borrow to buy depreciating assets? Neither good for customers nor for businesses in the long run.

Slow & Steady Growth is the Key, Thinks Zerodha CEO

“Humble SIP? Well it apparently is giving Mercedes some serious competition,” Edelweiss CEO Radhika Gupta tweeted.

Below the Belt?

Another user tweeted, “Investing in SIP has greater return -monetarily and in mental peace - than driving a Mercedes on Indian city roads. Please someone tell this MBA,”

Rational Thinking

Neil Bahal, a twitter user made sense when he tweeted “They actually want Indians to abandon ours, our kid's future and buy a Mercedes car? Unreal. Continue SIP mere dost log. Increase it if possible.”

Think Long-term

Another user hit the funny bone saying, “Cheapest Mercedes in India starts at INR 50 Lacs and comes with an EMI of ~ INR 80,000. India's avg monthly SIP amount is < INR 3000. Either Mercedes is coming with a INR 5 Lac luxury car or they don't know India as yet!”

Make Informed Decisions

The Verdict

Indians prefer investing via SIPs rather than putting their money in a luxurious car. This completely makes sense if you want your capital to appreciate over time.

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