How To Get Instant Loans Without CIBIL Score?

Tap To Check 5 Guaranteed Ways To Get Loan Approval Without CIBIL Score!

Go For Joint Loan Application


If you have a low CIBIL score but your co-applicant has an excellent credit score, you could get a loan at a lower interest rate.


Show Your Income Proof

Some lenders prefer salaried applicants. Show the lender your salary slip to get an instant loan.


Find A Guarantor

If you have zero credit history, request your parents or siblings to be your guarantor (whoever has a good CIBIL score). Repay the loan as per the agreement you have with them.


Loan Against Security

You can apply for a loan against your house, FDs, insurance policies, gold, credit cards, etc.

Apply For A Lower Loan Amount


A lower loan amount has a higher chance of approval, especially if you are a salaried employee.

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