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5 Diwali Home Decoration Ideas


Pooja Room

Brass lamps, dias, floating wicks, string lights, marigold garlands and rose petals Give your pooja room the perfect touch of ‘apnapan’ With colourful Rangoli made by you and your family/friends


Living Room

Monochromatic or multi-coloured string lights, indoor plants, a bowl of floating flowers and wicks and a plate of dry fruits and sweets on the coffee table. A circular flower Rangoli is complete a chic and elegant living room



Deck up your balcony with multi-coloured string lights on the railings and doors. Change up the balcony door curtains into more light and aesthetic Mini rangolis in the corners with dias to amp up the ambience


Entrance Door

Use torans available in different colours and shapes. Two dias each on either side of the door A circular or semi-circular rangoli with flowers at the entrance


Outside the House

Yellow string lights to brighten up the entire house. Dias along the edge of the terrace

Let hope and happiness prevail

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