9 Funny Tweets  that  Made Indians Laugh 😂

Get Ready to ROFL

1. Boys discuss gangs of wasseypur for 4 years and call it engineering

This tweet justifies those engineering days more than engineering itself!

Samrat Singh (@samratsingh23)

2. My mom doesn’t wish me good morning, she says uth gayi heroine and i think that’s beautiful

Ashvita @Ashviita

Only Indian moms are so sweet ;)

3. Because of no pollution, I can see Burj Khalifa from Noida today. Nature is healing

If  Chandler had an Indian avatar, Trendulkar would be it!



4. Most 2020 conversations are an infinite loop that start at 'Kya chal raha hai' and end at 'Yeh chal kya raha hai'.

Nikhil Taneja

Two years later… it’s more true in Twitter HQ!


5. Breakup hurts but kabhi dhoop mai khadi activa ki garam seat par baithe ho?

Christopher nolan stan ac


Ouch! That burns

6. Struggling with a math q. Decides to have a badam (almond) so that the ans will pop into my head #indianthings


Indian parents: Better than Rasgullas popping on the answer sheet!


7. You can’t be a DJ in India if you play Sukhbir’s ‘Taare Gin Gin’ and not mute the music during the ‘Ohohoho, ohohoho’ part.

Distinguished Gentleman

Future DJs, note this!


8. Does every Indian fridge have a half-cut lemon in the door compartment?

What do you think would Maya Sarabhai say? ;)

Rahul Sabharwal


9. Indian family loves and cares for Each other in every moment. "Bimar yek hota hai kichdi pura khandan khata hai" 

But nothing tops Hum Saath Saath Hai



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