7 Financial Lessons to Learn from  Makar Sankranti

Right selection of kite: Choose the right investment

In the financial world, your investment goals are similar to a kite. Before making an investment, do your research and find an investment option that suits your financial goals.

Prepare for the big day: learn before taking any financial decision.

Before flying the kites some preparation is essential. It is important to get ready with the necessary knowledge to effectively plan out future investments

Track your kite: watch out the performance of investments

While flying a kite, you must track the direction of your kite. In financial planning you have to track the course of your investments and review them regularly to ensure your financial goals are being met.

Learn to control the manjha: Spend Wisely

The manjha (string) helps to control and keep the kite afloat in the sky, just like that one must inculcate financial discipline to control their finances and spend it wisely.

Firki: Be flexible to volatile market conditions

When flying a kite, people exclaim "dheel de!" This is a signal to let go of the string and adjust to the wind conditions. The environment for investing is not always ideal, so you must exercise patience and sometimes accept temporary losses.

Protect from Manjha: Get an insurance cover

While flying a kite you shield your fingers from any string cuts, and the same is true for your investments. Purchase insurance to safeguard yourself from any future financial crisis.

‘Kai Po Che!’: Fall but rise quickly in the market world

In the world of investing some investments may fail, you should be able to accept it and start over fresh, small losses are  given in the game of investing. You should be able to stay ahead in the market and make wise investments.

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