7 Anand Mahindra’s Funny Tweets  That Won Over The Internet

#1 The CHUTZPAH Story

A Twitter user once asked for a car from the man himself. His reply was nothing short of iconic but never condescending

#2 Say No to Plastic

Once Anand Mahindra shared a photo from a conference. One follower pointed out that there should be steel bottles instead of plastic bottles - the latter has adverse effects on human health. Here was Mr.Mahindra’s reply

#3 Showering Praise on His Followers

A twitter user posted a photo with the Mahindra XUV700 - the caption read ‘After 10 years of hard work my new XUV700. He tagged the billionaire businessman. Mr. Mahindra’s reply won over the internet

#4 On Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

After ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s demise, Anand Mahindra recalled a few words shared by the Big Bull

#5 Leaving Netizens in Splits

Recently, a photo of a shoe brand sharing a strikingly similar logo to Adidas but a brand name tweaked to Ajitdas went viral. Anand Mahindra’s joined the bandwagon and left the netizens laughing on the floor with this tweet

#6 Offering Opportunities to Self-Driven People

Some time ago a story went viral where a millionaire's son left home and all his luxuries to prove his mettle. Anand Mahindra’s tweet on the incident was a heart-warmer & inspiring to many

#7 Finding Motivation in Little Things

Anand Mahindra’s friend shared a hilarious photo of a Mahindra vehicle. The business tycoon shared the photo with his followers, but with a twist.

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