Myth Busted!

"My Company Health Insurance is Enough"

It’s NOT. Here’s Why

Corporate health insurance policy could get terminated as soon as you leave the organisation

Short-Lived Policy Tenure

Corporate health insurance plan’s sum insured could be inadequate to meet your requirements

Coverage Amount Not Sufficient

Could Come With a Co-Pay Clause

The insurer won’t pay 100% of the hospital bill. You need to pay a portion of it out of pocket

Hospital Room Rent Capping

In many corporate health insurance plans, hospital room rent comes with a predefined limit. For a better room, you need to pay from your pocket

Customisation for Specific Needs Not Available

Group plans offer one-size-fits all benefits for all the employees, which cannot be customised to meet specific medical requirements.

That's why it's best to get

Individual or Family Floater Health Insurance

– High sum insured – Customisable  – Lifelong renewability – Tax deduction benefits

Get coverage up to ₹1 Crore

100% hospital bills covered

For Affordable EMI premiums at just ₹235