Diwali Essentials

For Celebrating A Happy Diwali

#1 Diwali Gifts

From dry fruit boxes, sweets, greeting cards, diyas and candles to gold, silver, platinum and diamond - choose a gift to show your love and appreciation for your family and friends

#2 Diwali Clothes

Gift your close ones a saree, lehenga, kurta-pyjama, dhoti, etc. or give them a gift card of a generous amount that they can use to buy clothes

#3 Home Appliances

Regular use could wear out home appliances quickly Take this opportunity to show support by gifting an essential home appliance that will make life easier for your family or a close friend

#4 Jewellery

Diwali is an auspicious occasion to buy jewellery and bring positive vibrations to your home Gift your spouse, children, sibling or parents a piece of jewellery they can cherish as a symbol of affection and positivity

#5 Gadgets

Gadgets are a hot favourite of youngsters. If you have young adults at home, gift them a gadget they have been eyeing for a while After all, Diwali is Christmas for them, isn’t it?

#6 Diwali Donations

Diwali is all about spreading happiness Extend your gifts to the underprivileged. Show support by holding a small feast at an orphanage or for the homeless

#7 Home Decoration/Renovation

Give your house a fab makeover with new paint, curtains, torans, diyas, flowers, Rangoli colours, decorative lights, etc. and welcome prosperity and a new beginning

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