7 Loan Apps



Raise Cash App

This app fell under the radar of Delhi police when people started sharing their horrid experiences related to irregularities in services. Currently, Raise falls under the list of apps to stay away from.


Rupees Master App

If you visit the Rupee Master website, it would show you that the website is under maintenance. This speaks volumes of the personal loan app’s credibility. Stay away from this app to protect your hard-earned money.

Cashray App


You won’t find this app on Play Store or App Store. If you do, stay away from this app at any cost. It’s one of those loan apps that are under the police radar for their questionable lending practices.

Kredit Mango App


Another personal loan app has bitten the dust for its unfair practices. This app has also been removed from Play Store and App Store. But in case you come across this app’s link on WhatsApp or email, avoid and report it to the concerned authorities.

CB Loan App


A lot of consumers have launched complaints against this loan app regarding high-interest charges and other unfair practices forcing the authorities to issue warnings. Currently, this app has been removed from Play Store and App Store.

LoanCube App


LoanCube is one of those personal loan apps that have come under the radar for having Chinese connections. The company had to shut down its Gurgaon office after four scamsters were nabbed giving out fake loans through LoanCube and extorting money from people.

HiRupee App


HiRupee caught the attention of the police when several consumers started filing harassment complaints against the app. Apparently, the fake loan app was trying to extort money from consumers by morphing their images over video calls and blackmailing them.

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