Be the Next Self-made Woman Entrepreneur


Life Coach

Life coaches make anything between 12L-50L per year in India If you are a confident speaker, you can help people navigate through their problems with sound advice through a problem-solving approach Your unbiased counsel could help people achieve success and peace. Isn’t that a great feeling too?


Digital Marketing Consulting & Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Performance Marketing are fueling the entire digital marketing landscape If you have experience and expertise, you could make anything between 15L-50L per year


Fitness Trainer

Fitness training is a respected profession that could help you start your own business as a professional Women fitness trainers could charge anything between 2k - 10k per session with an average salary of 10L-15L per year To boost your revenue, the long-term plan would be setting up and expanding your fitness centre that carries your


 IT Consulting

If you have worked in the IT industry for a decade or have unmatched software skills, you could get into IT consulting IT consultants make anywhere from 17L-60L per year in India


Interior Designer

Interior designers could earn anywhere from 19L-45L per year. If you have a diploma in interior design or have a good aesthetic sense, an interior design agency would be the best fit for you. Create a design portfolio with ideas that cater to various types of clients Collaborate with real estate agents,  builders and take help of social media to showcase your ideas and get clients


Psychological Counsellor

If you have a degree or diploma in Psychology or Counselling with a specialisation, you could start your own psychological counselling centre at home or at a clinic. Make sure you have the licence and certificates. In India, psychological counsellors earn anywhere from 5L-25L depending on their experience and therapy approach.


Travel Advisor/Agency

Like to travel and explore places? How about giving advice and helping people arrange a travel itinerary? Travel advisor/agency makes anywhere from 7.5L-30L depending on their service, assistance and popularity. Having a small team to begin with could help scale up your business quickly


Content Agency

Long-form, short-form, ads, social media, animated content, video content, etc. are booming these days If you have a knack for writing, you could start on your own and earn anywhere from 7L-30L depending on the clients you work with To take your skills to the next level, collaborate or hire with skilled individuals and take up orders in bulk.


Boutique Owner

If you have a good sense of clothing design, understand textile and colours and have remarkable styling skills that sets you apart, start a boutique Boutique owners could make anywhere from 7L-36L depending on the exclusivity and clientele


Educational Services

Online tutoring, music teaching, assisting with college essays, prep for competitive exams, teaching drawing and painting, etc. could help you share your skills and knowledge while earning a good amount of money

Setting up your own business  requires a good amount of capital Pursue your dream of becoming a woman entrepreneur

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