5 Best -------------------------------- Zero Investment --------------------------------Business Ideas

To Earn Lakhs Per Month!

#1 Vlogging

Video Blogging or Vlogging has helped many teenagers become Celebrities All you need to have is a decent Camera and a thing for Good Content & soon you could be Earning Money via Paid Partnerships!

#2 Motivational Speaker

Did you know that people have actually agreed to pay Millions of $$$ to solve their life problems? If you have the ability to Motivate People & are Good at Talking, you might consider this as a career path! What’s more - Zero Investment Required

#3 Vaastu Consultant

Indians are particularly sensitive to the old Vaastu tradition in their homes and offices. If you know Vaastu, you can start a Vaastu consultancy, offer Advice & Earn in Lakhs every month!

#4 Yoga Teacher

Current Salary of Yoga Teachers in India ranges from Thousands to Lakhs of Rupees per month! If you know Yoga, you could earn in Lakhs by sharing your skills. However, you might have to do a Certification Course to become a Pro Yoga Teacher

#5 Private Tutoring

It’s a Zero-investment Business that will always flourish Find a space in your home, start teaching students & earn just by sharing your knowledge!

But in case you want to invest


– Low-cost index funds – Diversified funds  – Start with as low as ₹10