Best Ways

To Beat

Diwali Pollution

in Delhi

In 2021, Delhi’s air quality crossed the ‘HAZARDOUS’ mark on the Diwali evening putting thousands at severe health risk Here’s how you can protect yourself from health hazards this Diwali

1. Stay Indoors

Don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. If you have an in-house patient, ensure there’s a spare oxygen cylinder

2. Wear a Face Mask

In case you’re forced to go out, wear N95/99 face masks to protect yourself from the polluted air

3. Avoid Morning Walks

The day after Diwali eve is as bad. Try to avoid going for morning walks until the smog settles. Shift your post-Diwali morning workout plans to the evening

4. Ventilate Bathroom & Kitchen

To avoid indoor air pollution, make sure there is a chimney in the kitchen and an exhaust in the bathroom

5. Monitor the Air Quality Index

Use an air quality index checker app to monitor the pollution level. This could help you stay on alert in case you have plans to go out. In case you or your family members face breathing problems, get hospitalised

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