Nail Your Startup Pitch


Anupam Mittal’s

T5 Model

T1: Total Market

How big is the total market for a product or an idea?

“90% of my businesses fail, so I want to see a company that can give me at least 100x returns” - Anupam Mittal The success of a product or service depends on its ability to serve a broad market of potential customers.

T2:  Team Chemistry

Does your team still have the spark and chemistry?

Team chemistry and market fit are two important components for a team to survive. Synergy between teams leads to successful implementation of ideas as well.

T3: Timing

Is the market ready to invest in your product?

Launching the product at the right time is the key to a successful business. Analyze if your product is something that the market appreciates and would want to invest in, given the dynamic market environment.

T4: Technology

Does your business have leading-age technology?

Upgrading and bringing in new technology every now and then is a must. Mittal stated that, "In today's time, if you do not have a technology that sets you apart, then eventually you will get disrupted,"

T5: Traction

Have you leveraged traction yet?

It is useful to know marketplace signs and figures with regards to your product or service. Leverage this knowledge to your advantage. Investors want to know the longevity of the product they want to invest in.

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