A Tribute to Stock Market Icon:  Ashwani Gujral

Stock Market Analyst

Distinguished stock market analyst Ashwani Gujral died at the age of 52 on 27th February(Monday) 2022. He was well-known for his technical analysis in equity, derivates and other markets.

Youtuber Gujral

Gujral also has a Youtube channel with 76.5k subscribers where he talked about stocks, F&Os, and the overall market.

Self-believer Like His Icons

Ashwani was influenced by icons, such as Imran Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Virender Sehwag, to name a few.  He admired the fact that they are all self-made a. Just like his idols, Ashwani also had a lot of self-belief. Slide-4

Once a Trader, Always a Trader

Mr Gujral is a firm believer that if one can make it big as a trader, one can do anything in life. He has never been a big proponent of "saving for tomorrow." He was adamant that he would continue to trade every day as long as he lived.

He was a pioneer for paid chat rooms for India’s market as he was the first person to put a price tag on media for his services. He was among a few YouTubers to demand big fees from his audiences.

Paid Chat Rooms

Not a Quitter

He almost lost everything when he started as a trader and had to sell his ancestral home but he never looked back. His determination, patience and perseverance made him one of India’s most successful traders.

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